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The Duration for the Doing The anomalously fortuned Mr. Wertheimer picked up his fourth DWI ten years to the day that he was convicted of his first one.  Is May 12, 2007 “within” ten years of May 12, 1997, as … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Supreme Court Vacancies

The folks at Minnesota Lawyer are looking pretty prescient right about now. On April 6th, editor-in-chief Mark Cohen argued on the newspaper’s editorial page that there needs to be some check on the governor’s power to appoint state Supreme Court … Continue reading

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Justice Stevens: In his own words

Jeffrey Toobin praises John Paul Stevens for his “dignified, clearheaded, and insistent eloquence.” The Minnesota Supreme Court criminal law blog honors the man who gave us this: The [per curiam opinion] by the majority of this Court can only lend … Continue reading

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Petitions for Review Granted: April 1, 2010

Clemmie Howard Tucker, Jr. v. State; COA Opinion There’s a reason they call them aggravating: The Court will once again take up the vexing comparison of bad and badder conduct in the durational departure context.  In Clemmie Howard Tucker, Jr. v. … Continue reading

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