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Waiting for Stras

The Court is busy cycling through the criminal cases that were argued before Justice Stras joined the Court.  He has yet to cast a vote — a public one, anyway — in a criminal case.  We are frozen in a … Continue reading

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RECENT OPINION: STATE V. VANG, September 8, 2010

Consider the improbability — evidence of deliberate, unfeeling killing; a nine-year-old conviction; a postconviction limitations period long since lapsed; an often contentious Minnesota Supreme Court — and a decision, by a vote of six-to-zero, to void Jerry Vang’s conviction and sentence for first degree murder.  The rest of the story?  … Continue reading

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Greetings.  They’re back and so are we. The early days of the new term bring Gassler v. State, a morality tale of sorts, featuring bad scientists, an (as it turns out) even worse defendant and a crummy narrative structure.  The holding, you say?  Right.  Gassler holds that … Continue reading

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